A few days ago, the latest version of the software for client management and statistics collection was completed. In the description of projects, I have already written about previous versions. Now, a new version is released as a web application. There are not only new features, but also a new design, which is based on bootstrap.

The web application was developed for a social institution that also gives guidance for clients. The web application can be used to create databases of clients and their advisors. For each contact with a client, the advisor can create a „guidance entry“.

Such a guidance entry includes information about the type of contact, service and the subject. A free text can also be added. If necessary, the reminder function can be used to remind you of the contact. This is useful, for example when a public authority wanted to answer till a certain date.

To receive annual or overall statistics, you can use the evaluation. There is also the possibility to generate an Excel export, which can be adapted to the customer’s wishes.

Below, you will find pictures of the web application, in order to get an impression. All data, such as names, are just random sample data. Those who are interested in this web application or a customized version of it are welcome to contact me.